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Galbanum Resin Incense

SOLD OUT. Due to conditions where this is made, we expect galbanum won't be available in the foreseeable future, and may become unobtainable altogether. We will keep trying to get more.

Galbanum resin (Ferula galbaniflua) from Iran has long been valued for its wonderfully complex green, spicy, woody, balsam-like fragrance. It is gathered in the summer season by collecting the resin from the bulb, root and lower stem of the plant. According to Greek scholars galbanum originates in Syria, but has been used throughout the ages by the Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures as part of their incense ceremonies as well as medicinal practices. With the consistency of soft taffy, galbanum is used in many incense mixtures. 

As with many other resins, woods and botanicals, it has suffered decades of exploitation and over-harvesting, and efforts are underway to replenish the ancient resource by countries that produce and export galbanum.

Galbanum is related to Saturn, the Sun, and the sign of Libra. When Libras are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell galbanum on a daily basis.

Includes one (1) ounce of galbanum resin.

How to Use:

  • In a brazier or firesafe pot, light an incense charcoal. When it is white hot, place some galbanum onto the coal. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Galbanum Resin Incense

Great buy! Will buy again

Long lasting scent that burns nicely. Much higher quality than what I’ve purchased from other stores in past.

Keep it cool

The resin will get very sticky and stick to the inside of the packet, so refrigerate it. It stays better and is easier to work with.