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Chakras and Churches Poster

This high-quality poster provides a quick reference to the important attributes of the chakras, displayed on a beautiful painting of our inner Divine Mother taking the symbolic form of Lakshmi, the power of liberation, glory, and accomplishment.

"The Divine Mother has the power to open up all of the chakras..." —Samael Aun Weor, The Yellow Book

The major attributes, symbols, and details of each chakra are provided, such as:

  • The name in Sanskrit, Greek, and Tibetan
  • The name of the Deva / Devata
  • The powers of each chakra, such as polyvoyance, intuition, etc
  • What each chakra is related to physically, such as the pineal gland, throat, etc
  • The associated tattva (vibration of energy)
  • The virtues required to awaken each chakra
  • The mantric vowel

"Within us there are transformers of energy vital to our psycho-physical well-being. In the East, they are called "chakras" (wheels or vortices), while in the West they are called "churches" (places of assembly). These subtle transformers are intimately related with our psyche and our physical well-being. A chakra is merely a place where energy is moved from one place to another. There are many such places in the body, but in relation with spirituality and consciousness, there are fundamental areas, illustrated here. Properly defined, when a chakra has been developed to a higher degree, it is then called a “church.” —From the poster

The poster is printed on high-quality glossy paper and measures 18 by 24 inches, with sufficient space at the edges to allow framing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Posters are shipped separately — in a tube — from the rest of your order and usually take longer than boxes or envelopes to arrive. Please be patient.

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The Gnostic Bible

I just started reading this important work and VM Samael's commentary of the Pistis Sophia truly sheds new light on these sacred teachings. Gratitudes!


Beautiful poster, great quality.

Great Resource

This chart places everything in one place that you need to learn and practice the chakra mantalizations. The background picture is beautiful and the poster reflects sacred art.

Very Nice

I am grateful for the beautiful posters I received. Very beautiful.
Thank you, I could see my tracking the whole time on my delivery.

Very beautiful

Beautiful poster!