Deer's Eye - Mucuna - Ojo de Venado

In The Yellow Book and The Divine Science, Samael Aun Weor gives a practice to put the physical body into the internal dimensions (called Jinn State) using the legume known as the "Deer's Eye." These legumes grow wild throughout the tropics.

"When the great Hierophants of ancient Egypt wanted to visit the Garden of Delights they grasped with their right hand a legume which is commonly known by the name deer's eye. They then submerged themselves into profound meditation while pronouncing the mantra INVIA (pronounced "een-vee-ah"). This mantra works as an invocation: when vocalizing it, the elemental of this legume arrives under the irresistible influence of the chanted mantra. The elemental of this legume has the power of placing the body in the Jinn state. When those Hierophants felt that their body began to inflate or swell from the feet up, they then comprehended that their body had acquired the Jinn state. Then, filled with faith, they rose from their beds, and were definitely submerged within the Garden of Delights. Thus, this is how they travelled to different places of the Earth. Whosoever wants to put into practice the process disclosed above, then, get into a slumber state while meditating on the elemental of the legume deers eye." - Samael Aun Weor, The Divine Science

Includes one (1) deer's eye legume.