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Karma is Negotiable

Destiny and the Divine Power of Love

Even though the word “karma” is Sanskrit and is associated with Eastern religions, it simply refers to the law of cause and effect.

Karma is not blind destiny or divine judgment, but is the principle the describes the natural reverberation that emerges from every action, whether that action is physical, emotion, mental, or spiritual. Suffering and pain are not punishment from a tyrant God, nor are they “normal” or mere “coincidence.” When we truly understand the law of action and consequence, we can see that our life is a result of our own moment to moment ignorance of the effects of our actions. We create our own suffering, therefore, we can create our own happiness instead, if we know how. No matter what religion or background we come from, through conscious action from moment to moment, we can originate a new set of causes, which in turn will generate a new set of results. This is how we can revolutionize our life. The power to change is in our hands.

  • Useful for followers of any spiritual tradition
  • Gives practical methods to change our lives today
  • Supported by solid science and authentic spiritual traditions

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  • 216 Pages
  • 4 x 6 Inches
  • Black and White Illustrations
  • Glossary and Index

Customer Reviews

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Karma Is Negotiable

Great book 👌🏼. I'm enjoying reading it


I have purchased several of these books to share with others. The information is life changing. Easy to read and a book that I will read often as a reminder of the Law of Cause and Effect. I wish I had studied this earlier in life because I would have avoided much suffering in my life and not caused so much suffering in the lives of others. Very important reading.

Karma is Negotiable

This book really is a gift to read! To elevate myself thru reading this kind of information! To know that divinity cares deeply and wants to help us! Very inspired by this book!