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Sulfur Powder

Sulfur is a natural mineral utilized to cleanse an environment of impurities and to destroy negative elements created by lustful sexuality, drug use, black magic, etc.

Includes four (4) ounces of sulfur powder.

Sulfur or sulphur (Sanskrit, sulvere; Latin sulpur) was known in ancient times, and is referred to in the Bible. The word itself is almost certainly from the Arabic sufra meaning yellow, from the bright color of the naturally occurring form. At room temperature, sulfur is a soft bright yellow solid. It burns with a blue flame that emits sulfur dioxide, notable for its peculiar suffocating odor.

Uses of Sulfur:

  • Cleanse a space
  • Drive away negative influences
  • Repel noxious substances (parasites, larvae, etc)
  • When you move to a new home, it is good to burn sulfur there every day for nine days.

"By putting sulfur powder inside of your shoes, the larvae of the astral body (incubi, succubi, basilisks, dragons, phantoms, etc.) are destroyed. Sulfur originates invisible vapors that rise in order to disintegrate these types of larvae. Malignant forms of thoughts and larvae enclosed within any room are disintegrated when one burns sulfur upon a flaming piece of charcoal." - Samael Aun Weor, Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot

How to use:

  • In a brazier or fire safe pot, light an incense charcoal. When it is white hot, spoon sulfur onto the coal. Once you put the sulfur on the charcoal, you (and anybody else, including pets) should leave the room, since the smoke is toxic. Close the door behind you and wait for the smell of the sulfur to dissipate.

There are non-toxic alternatives to using sulfur: see Cleansing Incense.


Customer Reviews

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Burning for Nine Days in a Row Really Helped Me & Don't Let Strangers See the Sulfur in your Shoes

So, I was struggling immensely with, as the above description says, "negative elements created by lustful sexuality, drug use, black magic, etc." Those three "negative elements" were about to overrun my life. I was cruising the Glorian shop one day and saw the description and realized that burning the sulfur for nine days in a row may be my only hope. It was truly remarkable how much it helped. Please try it, especially if you are struggling with any of those negative elements.

Be warned though. Those negative elements may attack you for you trying to destroy them, or at least they did in my case. It was a good thing, though, because I saw just how perverse and twisted the entities were that I had been feeding while thinking that I was acting of my own will. It was difficult, for me at least, being sick, weak, and lazy, to burn the sulfur everyday for nine days, but beyond worth it.

As the description above suggests, I had some sulfur powder under the soles of my shoes and told someone about it. It led to a whole fuss with Police thinking it was drugs. Let's just say it was not a good experience, but we can learn that other people unfamiliar with sulfur, even incense as a whole, may misinterpret it to be nefarious.

It's an excellent product. Thank you, all.


Sulfur Powder


Thank you for everything

Must Have

This is an essential for me in my daily life now. Definitely notice a difference in myself when I have and haven't used it.

Thanks for the great customer service!

I ordered some sulfur powder (horrid miserable stuff as it is supposed to be and exactly why I ordered it) I received my order in a timely fashion and the Gnostic Store accidently sent some sage smudge too. When I contacted them to explain the mistake they told me to keep it no worries! I would definitely buy from them again!